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Friday, September 21, 2018

College of Education and Human Performance World Languages Education

Portfolio Guidelines

Check with the Department of Clinical Experiences for additional general questions.

Portfolio Submission Procedures for Students in World Languages Education


  • The Professional Portfolio is a graduation requirement for all undergraduate foreign language education students. 
  • This is an on-going, self-paced process that should be almost entirely completed before you start Internship II.
    Your Internship II Reflection will be completed at the end of Internship II
  • The portfolio is developed around the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices, and ensures that you meet or exceed the standard expectations designed for educators in the state of Florida.
  • Complete instructions for portfolio building are given in EDG 4410 Teaching Strategies and Classroom Management, the course in which you begin to create your portfolio. 


  • All portfolios must be completed on LiveText, a program designed online in which you develop your portfolio.
  • You can purchase this program at either the UCF Bookstore, CB & S Books, or online at   The program costs $70-$90.
  • Once you have purchased this program, the College of Education and Human Performance Office of Technology and Facilities recommends that you take one of the free introductory classes for LiveText.   This class will teach you how to use the system, set up your portfolio properly, and explore other functions of the system.   To inquire about class offerings, please contact the Technology Office at 407-823-6047 or through email at .
  • Additionally, you may want to check out the following website if you have any questions about LiveText:   This is a question and answer session developed by the College of Education and Human Performance.