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Friday, September 21, 2018

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ESOL Education Program

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ESOL Endorsement Programs

All UCF College of Community Innovation and Education teacher candidates seeking initial certification develop knowledge and skills in teaching English learners (ELs). Teacher candidates whose subject areas include teaching language arts develop more in-depth knowledge and skills for teaching ELs. More specifically, those seeking a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood, Elementary, English, and Exceptional Student Education as well as those seeking an M.A. in Elementary, English, and Exceptional Student Education graduate with the ESOL endorsement in addition to their primary area of certification. This is a Department of Education requirement of all Florida teacher education institutions.

Through the collaboration of faculty and clinical educators in multidisciplinary program areas, UCF offers the ESOL endorsement through an approach called "ESOL infusion," which means that a substantial part of the ESOL endorsement curriculum is embedded into courses other than ESOL program (i.e., TSL prefix) courses. This is a great benefit to our students because it reduces the number of TSL credits required for the ESOL endorsement from 15 to 6. In compensation for this reduction in credit hours, students are expected to document mastery of ESOL Performance Standards met in most courses in their program of studies through a TESOL Notebook as well as during field experiences teaching English learners.

This website includes information about meeting the requirements for the ESOL endorsement. Please refer to the link for your program for detailed information and references. In addition, this website offers a variety of resources for teaching English learners. We encourage you to e-mail the ESOL program with any suggestions or requests for information and resources we can include on this website.

Best wishes on meeting your educational goals and on becoming well versed in teaching ALL students!

Elementary Education

The undergraduate program in Elementary Education prepares highly qualified teachers to work in diverse educational settings in grades kindergarten through six. Graduates of this program earn Florida certification in Elementary K-6 with ESOL and Reading Endorsements.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

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