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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

UCF College of Education Art Education Program

Web and Mixed Mode Course Options

Our certificate and master's degree programs are designed for working professionals who are finding it increasingly difficult to attend classes on college campuses. Beginning fall 2005, we plan to offer two sections of each certificate and master's degree course; one totally online and the other in mixed mode.

Web&Mixed Courses


In other words, you may complete and earn a professional certificate or complete your entire master's degree online without setting foot on-campus. You may also take one or more courses in mixed mode (meeting with instructor and classmates once every other week on-campus) or you may take some courses online and other courses in mixed mode. The choice is yours depending on your needs and preferences.

The online section of each course mirrors the mixed mode section in terms of objectives, contents, assignments and assessments. The difference is that interactions that occur in a face-to-face environment are facilitated through telecommunication technologies.


All online and mixed mode courses are facilitated through the use of WWebcourses@UCF and supported by UCF's award winning department of Center for Distributed Learning. Two courses (EME6613 Instructional Systems Design and EME6437 Distance Education) have also won the WebCT Exemplary Online Course Award.

Notes: Due to federal regulations, international students may only take one totally online (web) course each semester. Doctoral level courses are offered in traditional face-to-face, mixed and web modes. Be sure to check the official UCF Class Schedule to verify the course delivery options prior to registering each semester.