UCF Positive School Climate Initiative Fosters a Healthy Learning Environment for Students

Pictured l-r: Dr. Nicole Damico, Morgan Rome, and Jennifer Latterell

Faculty members, students, and educators brainstormed and discussed ways to create an ideal culture for students during the UCF Positive School Climate Initiative Advisory Board meeting.

Last year, the group organized the Bullying Prevention Summit, an event that encouraged attendees to create a network of anti-bullying school clubs for sharing ideas and information.

The UCF Positive School Climate Initiative has evolved by including other issues and areas besides bullying for creating a healthy learning environment for students.

During the meeting, the group explored ideas, including respect, support, caring, safety, and other attributes for helping students thrive at school.

Raising awareness, promoting pre-service teacher learning, providing professional development opportunities, and working with parents, stakeholders, and the community are some of the advisory board’s future goals.

The initiative extended its member outreach to better serve students and schools.

“The group wanted to include students and members of the community and organizations to have an impact on schools,” said Associate Faculty Dr. Philip Koger. “Every student should go to a school where they feel supported, safe, respected, included, and accepted.”

Early Childhood graduate student Jennifer Latterell joined the advisory board to advocate for her 11-year-old son with Autism and other students. She’s looking forward to working with this diverse group and facilitating positive changes in public schools.

“It’s a melting pot of members who are collaborating, come from different backgrounds and education levels, and have different perspectives and opinions," said Latterell. "But when you put everyone together, then you can make a difference.”

For more information about the UCF Positive School Climate Initiative Advisory Board, contact Dr. Philip Koger at: Philip.Koger@ucf.edu